Firstly, as stated on the homepage of this website, illegal content such as spam, scams, pornography, gambling, and all illegal content that violates the law will be prohibited

Secondly, some seemingly "normal" websites that do not show any flaws will also be banned.For example:

  1. A meaningless domain name that resembles garbled code, which often illegally leads to messy content, such as gambling or engaging in pornographic content or apps;
  2. The use of ports other than 80/443 on web pages is usually used to attract illegal content. Even if it doesn't seem like there is much hype on the surface, only a QR code for registering an app is displayed. Usually, this app contains illegal content such as gambling/pornography;
  3. The content of the short link points to the short link and is redirected multiple times. In the end, it still points to illegal content;
  4. Store addresses pointing to illegal content on legitimate websites, such as QR codes, WeChat accounts, etc;
  5. The main domain name of the website has not been resolved, and some subdomains (and irregular ports) have illegal webpage traffic;
  6. And things that have not yet been listed.

Anyway, this website prohibits all kinds of illegal and irregular content, no matter how the means are changed

基本功能Basic function

√ 短链接转发 Forward short links
√ 域名转发 Domain forwarding

用户功能User functions

× 用户/登录功能 User/Login Function
× 用户短链接管理功能 User short link management function
× 用户ip库/属地功能 User IP library/location function

安全 Secure

√ 黑名单域名/url/ip功能 Blacklist domain name/URL/IP function
√ 短链接中转转发页面 Short link forwarding page
√ 非法内容警告且不予转发 Illegal content warning and will not be forwarded


× 短链接访问统计功能 Short link access statistics function


× UI界面

2024.1.11: Add illegal content warning. Anything illegal or inappropriate will have a bright warning and will not be forwarded, and will not be displayed.

2024.1.6: Add a forwarding (non direct forwarding) page and add a countdown function, a reporting button (not yet implemented), etc. to avoid contamination of our website's content by various illegal or inappropriate short links.

2024.1.1:新增域名1sl.pw.域名中1sl意思为1个短链接(sl).pw意为power site,强大站点.
2024.1.1: New domain name 1sl. pw. 1sl means 1 short link (SL). pw means power site, powerful site.

2023.12.27: a new domain name urlX.top has been added as the main domain name. This allows the main domain name to have one pure letter domain name, making it easy to remember and meeting the needs of OCD who do not use numbers or miscellaneous rice.< br>

2023.12.23: on a whim in the evening, I suddenly realized that the short link format is usually in the form of t365.top/xxxxx. If we use a pure (sub) domain name format, it would be better and look taller than this type of URL, which looks like t365.top/xxxxx. So, in the evening, we added a pure (sub) domain name forwarding function, and now we can directly use the form of t365.top/xxxxx https://dysjm.i188.eu.org The function of forwarding URLs in the form of pure domain names is currently being tested for free. Only some domain names on this site are available, and other domains are temporarily not supported. Note that to avoid wasting resources, pure domain name forwarding will be revoked by the system if left unused for a long time. In the future, this feature may be charged and only available to logged in users

2023.12.12: Accept the opinions of netizens and no longer delete illegal/borderline/pornographic short links, but change them to Huluwa videos.

2023.12: For debugging convenience, the form uses GET and does not include checking the source code, which makes it boring for some people to browse https://t365.top/createsl.php?longurl=https%3A%2F%2Fspace.bilibili.com%2F&sldomain=t365.top&slpath= Continuously generating short links. Generate tens of thousands of junk short link information for my database. Disable its IP address, delete the junk information with SQL statements, and this guy immediately changed his IP address and exploded with tens of thousands of junk short links. Continue to disable this guy's IP address. Don't tire of it, so I have to add source detection function. Now createslslphp only accepts normal (generate short links) requests from this site. All requests from other sources will terminate with an error.

2023.9: I noticed that some people always post illegal/borderline/pornographic short links, so I added the blacklist URL and blacklist IP functions, which can add specified websites, domains or IPs to the blacklist and are not allowed to be used.

2023.9: Establish t365.top. Users can use it to generate short links without registering. In the following days, the URL length of short links was limited to 4-20 characters to avoid users from pranking and causing very long URLs to cause trouble and harm my heart.